Monday, November 22, 2004


Coral, a set of 18 poems that (not unlike “Poems on Various Subjects” but not much like them at all) were written as a determined “set”, was published by Leafe Press in November 2004. There is a kind of symmetry about that, because the book was started, written, and finished during November 2003. Not October or December, but only November.

Because it’s so new there has been little chance for the reviewers of the world to ignore it, but two places are ahead of the game: Rupert Loydell, the editor at Stride, has a blog, and you can read what he has to say about “Coral” there, and The Ragged Edge is cutting edge.

Please contact Leafe Press for more information.

* 30th December. A new review of Coral is online here. I don't fully understand it, and don't know if it's what you'd call "a good review" or not. I guess you would have to ask Doreen.